Lutein – protection for the eyes AND brain

Lutein is one of the important components of macular pigments for protection against UV radiation and blue light.

Recently, studies are linking brain function to dietary lutein.  It is known that lutein forms a significant proportion of the brain’s tissues. It can be found in cell membranes and nerve sheaths (myelin). A study in France on 1092 people over 10 years found that high dietary lutein reduced the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The role of lutein in human brain function is not entirely understood.  It has been proposed that lutein provides a protective function, just like it does in the retina. Lutein has been consistently associated with a wide range of cognitive measures including executive function, language, learning and memory.

Studies have also linked macular pigment, visual function with cognitive function.  It is possible to have an indication of lutein levels in the body by measuring macular pigment density.

If you are keen to find out about your own eye’s internal UV protection, call for an appointment to ask for a COMPLIMENTARY macular pigment screening test (available till 31 August 2018). It only takes 10 mins and is non-invasive.